Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bad mom day

So today has totally been one of "those" days, and it's only 4:00 in the afternoon. I was so looking forward to the weekend after an awful week at work. I've been exhausted and just COULDN'T WAIT to have some time to relax and do nothing. No such luck so far. I woke up dead tired, the baby was cranky because she is teething and who knows what else is bothering her. She's been serenading me all morning with a high pitched "eeeeEEEEEEeeee!!" over and over. Not only is she cranky, but for some reason the dog is cranky too and just keeps whining. I know she wants to play, but that's just too darn bad today. Too bad for me she's not catching on real quick that mom is grumpy and wants nothing to do with her slobbery squishy ball that she keeps trying to jam between my calves. The dear hubby had to go to work, so I'm on my own all day.

On top of that, the dear hubby decided he wanted to mount our TV to the wall last night, which he did, but left the tools and debris scattered all about the living room. The TV is not hooked up, and I'll be darned if I'm going to try to figure that out (I'm sure it's not that bad, but why bother to find out on a day when I'm TIRED?) I would've liked to have spent some mindless time watching the Food Network or something, but oh well. After listening to both the baby and dog whine for an hour I decided I'd had it and put the dog in her crate, the baby in her crib, and should've gone to bed myself. I instead spent the morning tidying up, but really I should've gotten some sleep so that maybe I wouldn't be so irritable. Baby woke up before I had the chance to get ready, so I stuck her in her little activity chair like I usually do and set her in the bathroom as I showered. Except this time, she kept up the "eeeeEEEEEeee" refrain from earlier, and then decided to full on cry (although it sounded to me like she was faking it. SHE CAN'T FOOL ME! Ha.) This is where the bad mom part came in. Rather than feeling the urgency to hurry, I just tuned her out shaved my legs. Some lunch seemed to cheer her up a bit, but then after it was time to get ready and head out the door for some shopping. Although baby can't quite crawl, today she demonstrated that she can Army crawl and is quite good at, it and spent her time getting into my make-up and trying to suck on all the brushes. At this point bad mom emerged again since trying to get ready was impossible. I stuck her in her crib with a bottle, teddy bear, and a book so I could finish doing my hair. She was entertained for a few minutes, but then began to cry just like earlier. But, bad mom that I was, I ignored her and just proceeded to do my hair. What is wrong with me? Is there something wrong with me? I mean, nothing I was doing was making her happy. Was it bad to just let her whine and cry, or is that normal?

Either way, we managed to make it out the door to IKEA. Since dear hubby had decided to mount the TV, we felt we could use some shelves to fill in the space below the TV where the fugly secondhand entertainment center once stood. Luckily IKEA wasn't too bad, until the end when baby was getting impatient, I couldn't fit the ^%$#@ shelves I wanted in the cart, and I couldn't push one of those big trolleys and hold the baby/push her in the stroller. After many attempts and much frustration, I gave up and decided I'd go back with hubby or by myself sometime this week. I did decide to check out a few accessories I picked up (SHHH- DON'T TELL THE HUBBY!). However, stupid IKEA only seems to employ 5 people in that whole entire giant store on a Saturday afternoon and every line had like, 30 people in it. After what seemed like forever, I managed to check out (I had forgotten IKEA doesn't give you bags for your items in an attempt to be "green". Instead they ask if you'd like to BUY a bag to leave with. Excuse me? I'm all for being green, but what the crap happened to the basics of customer service???).

I was supposed to go grocery shopping, but I had spent over an hour and a half in that enormous store only to leave without the items I went to buy. Baby was about to meltdown due to exhaustion, so I gave up and went home. As I was driving along one of the back roads that I always take I got stuck behind someone who had THE NERVE to drive the actual speed limit. Who does that on a back road? There aren't even lines painted! That means the speed limit is just a suggestion, right?

So now here I am, tired and aggravated and desperately trying to prevent myself from eating a whole bag of potato chips and then a whole basket of cookies that seem to be screaming, "I'M FULL OF CARB-Y GOODNESS! COME PARTAKE OF ME AND FEEL YOUR STRESS MELT AWAY!" Which is completely true, but on top of everything else I'm having a fat day, and therefore cannot afford to drown my emotions in delicious oil and butter and chocolate.

I've got to pull myself together. I have to attend the wedding reception of one of my closest high school friends who was in love with me for years, but I always had a boyfriend. I can't have him feeling like he's better off for marrying someone else, right? Due to some unexplained female compulsion, I feel the need to waltz in there, flash a smile, and charm the whole room into thinking that "DANG, she's the one who got away!". When in reality, I'll probably be lucky to show up in a matching outfit that doesn't show my baby-pooch before the thing ends and everyone heads home for the night. Such is life.

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